365 SEND - a solution for inclusion

Our children deserve better!

This programme takes money out of the equation of support for children and young people.

365 SEND is a three year support  project to enhance universal support for special educational needs and disability in mainstream schools and colleges through capacity building, working together & everyone taking responsibility.

Welcome message from

Pioneer, founder and at heart a caring educator

Dr. Anita Devi

Thank you for taking the time to discover 365 SEND. This is a NEW venture, built on timeless principles of placing children, young people and their families at the heart of SEND provision and inclusion.
In designing this project, I’ve thought deeply about how to enable local communities to drive the change they need and dream of. I’ve spent time considering who should be involved and how and I’ve sought high class provision from a range of providers to make a holistic package, fit for purpose for a range of educational establishments. This is 365 SEND: three years of focused provision improvement, involving six people groups and with a package of five innovations.
I was also keen for funding not to be a barrier for engagement. Our children and young people deserve the best, but this doesn’t always have to be costly. Using innovative delivery models, we can find ways to still ensure they receive what they need and make it simple to deliver, monitor and assess. Generation I of 365 SEND (2022-2025) includes five unique products that combined give schools and colleges strategic leverage to capacity build, in a sustainable way. The full package, if priced separately would cost at least four times as much. Strategic commissioning is vital, if we are to meet increasing demands that are not matched with a similar increase in funding.
We look forward to welcoming you to the 365 SEND Community.

Read more about our vision and how you can get involved on the RSA Ideas Forum

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6 people groups collaborating


Children & young people

Parents & carers

Setting leaders


Governors & Trustees

What's on offer?

A support programme for schools, colleges and other education-led institutions.
Interested in a briefing for the leaders of your multi-academy trust?

£1 a day for 3 years

Inclusion/ SEND support for UK schools/ colleges.

We welcome international schools/ colleges to participate, and can send you details request.

6 people groups collaborating

  • Parents/ carers

  • Children/ young people

  • Staff

  • Leaders


  • Governors

5 innovations

  • Taster technology voucher

  • Printed resources

  • 2 accredited courses

  • 5 seminars

  • Engagement cafe

SEND Engagement Café

#365send provides mainstream schools and colleges with choice and flexibility around the 5 innovations. A key component is training to deliver localised SEND Engagement Cafés. These cafés bring together the expertise of parents/carers and practitioners to collaboratively decide next steps for the learners. They also provide opportunities for celebration and joint problem solving.

The model is tried and tested and more importantly sustainable over time. SEND Engagement Cafés and The STAR meeting model provides schools and colleges with a low cost / high impact model to deliver co-production.

The how?


Settings form their SEND team of 6 people groups and dive into 365 SEND.


CPD delivery - involvement and sharing across the team using your own space on our app.


Ongoing and cycle end full evaluation of the difference made.